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14-Jan-2018 09:33

Executive Producer, Eddie Schmidt, seen in background.Thankfully, our newest app, Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go, is your one-way ticket to freedom from life's sticky moments.With just three taps, you can activate excuses from beneath a table, including, "My apartment just got torn down" and "I'm so sorry, my friend's car is getting towed." Add your own excuses to customize the app for any upcoming sticky situation.Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go offers an attractive, user-friendly interface that enables users to create their own excuses, choose from preprogrammed excuses, and set excuse timers.Handler has been criticized for a number of race-related jokes.There was the time she had her “Chelsea Lately” sidekick Chuy — a little person whose role on the show was seen by some as exploitative — dress as Hitler. Maybe not, but a recent report did claim that he and talk show host Chelsea Handler hopped in bed together last year.The 22-year-old One Direction star and the 41-year-old comedian were allegedly the talk of a 2015 party in Los Angeles, which took place during one of Harry Styles’ breaks from touring with his boy band.

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“They seemed to think nothing of the commotion they caused by plonking themselves together side by side in such an intimate setting,” a source told the Harry and Chelsea reportedly bonded after discovering that they have very similar personalities—they both don’t care about what others think of them, which is why they were comfortable crawling into bed together in front of so many other people.Remember when reporter Andrew Goldman from flat-out asked Whitney Cummings “how accurate” jokes were that she’d slept her way to the top? Neither is “Tosh.0,” “The Late Show,” “The Soup,” or any other show fronted by a funny dude.