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Four unique sides are playable in the game - the kingdoms of Rohan (which has incredibly powerful cavalry, as you'd expect) and Gondor (great defensive capabilities), and the evil axis of Mordor and Isengard, which are largely focused on swarming the enemy with wave after wave of orcs, and also have access to powerful siege units such as those bloody great elephant things.Aerial support is provided by giant eagles on the allied side and by Nazgul on the axis side (which are the convenient monikers I'm going to be using to refer to the two sides from now on, gasps of horror from Tolkien fans opposed to the concept that his book was an allegory for the world wars notwithstanding), and each side has a menagerie of hero characters at their disposal, most of whom are indeed disposable, and whose influence can often swing the progress of a battle.Check the complete walkthough by Dront to get the an idea how huge the game is. Patches, comments and bug reports are always welcomed.Liv Tyler is one beautiful mum-to-be and even though she only gave birth less than a year ago, she's already expecting another with partner David Gardner.That resolution allowed the studio to move forward with its trilogy of films based on “The Hobbit.” It wasn’t the only legal fight over the riches generated by the movies.Following the blockbuster success of the “Rings” trilogy, director Peter Jackson sued New Line over profits that he claimed he was owed from the first film.We love Gorgeous Couture's version in particular.Style it with black high heel sandals and a chunky cuff to complete the look.

There had been many attempts to make a live-action version of 'Lord of the Rings' dating back to the 1950s, when monster-magazine mogul Forrest J. In the 1960s, the Beatles wanted to star in a version (it would have featured John Lennon as Gollum, Paul Mc Cartney as Frodo, George Harrison as Gandalf, and Ringo Starr as Sam), and they approached Stanley Kubrick to direct, but he decided the project was too daunting.

Tolkien have resolved a rights dispute over “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” the two parties said in a court filing.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but a legal filing said the two parties had resolved their differences “amicably.” It also stated that no fees or costs are to be awarded by the court and that no party is entitled to recover fees or costs. said in a statement to , “The parties are pleased that they have amicably resolved this matter and look forward to working together in the future.” An attorney for the Tolkien estate did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If you're not getting the hint yet, what I'm saying is this: if you're a Lord of the Rings purist, look away now. If, on the other hand, you just loved the epic fantasy of the trilogy and think that the idea of leading the armies of Middle-Earth into mortal combat sounds like your cup of tea - step right up.

If you complain loudly at the removal of Tom Bombadil from the films, or have ever been known to make a statement like "the removal of the scouring of the Shire ripped the narrative and moral heart from Tolkien's vision! Basing a real-time strategy game on a movie is a concept which looks fraught with difficulty, but as the above examples probably make clear, EA Los Angeles (reportedly including at least some of the team behind the piss-poor Command & Conquer Generals [now now Rob, it wasn't that bad -possibly misguided Ed who actually really enjoyed Generals, but hey], thankfully seeming rather more on form this time around) has been given a surprising amount of freedom to play around with the story and characters, with the focus being on what will make a good game rather than on fitting in exactly with the plot of the trilogy. Freed from the restrictions which seem to be imposed on most other movie tie-ins, Battle For Middle-Earth does throw up some peculiarities such as suspiciously resurrecting heroes and fictionally unlikely Balrog summoning, but in return it offers a genuinely compelling game which benefits hugely from its epic setting and the player's familiarity with the universe and characters, rather than being held back by it.Before 'Lord of the Rings,' Peter Jackson was a New Zealand puppeteer and filmmaker who'd made his name on such cult hits as 'Meet the Feebles' (a sort of R-rated Muppet parody) and 'Dead Alive' (a gory zombie comedy).