What is dating and marriage like in swiss

08-Aug-2017 04:51

what is dating and marriage like in swiss-43

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I heard that it's has got something to do with the region or cantons in Switzerland for that matter: in German swiss region people are more bored due to the weather which makes them more cold towards each other and ''alles ins Ordnung'' we live like robots...on the contrary towards Geneva, Laussane and Ticino people are more latino orientated thus warmer towards each other in relations representing so called ''macho culture''.But now I have someone care about me and look out for my well being as much as I do for her — this is much more than we both hoped for!We recommend you give this site a go — even if you don't find your soulmate, you will have a great deal of fun here!

Most people would describe me as being a honest, trust- worthy and very dedicated person. A nice romantic person.i am a social person, i love nature, dancing and spending time on the beach when i can.

) But if the Swiss women are equally passive (as bemoaned in the other thread), then how do they meet at all?